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Coco Milagro 500ml Premium
500ml - Jauh Lebih HematMUI HALALIt's SuperfoodLocally Sourced and ProducedEVCO dengan Special Pourer Mouth pertama di Indonesia

500 mL – Coco Milagro EVCO


Coco Milagro PREMIUM GLASS BOTTLE – 500 mL
100% Raw & Natural, Cold Processed (and not just cold pressed), organic and most importantly locally sourced and produced!


Coco Milagro Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – PREMIUM GLASS BOTTLE – 500 mL
Coco Milagro now comes in a premium elegant glass bottle with a special pourer mouth that prevents spilling!
Advantages: 1. It is GLASS = Keeps the oil fresher for a longer period of time. 2. Elegant AMBER colour = Blocks light, prevents oxidation = EVCO is kept pure & fresh! 3. Comes with a SPECIAL POURER MOUTH that prevents spilling = Saves every last drop of the precious oil.

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